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 Simple Rules for the Intros

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PostSubject: Simple Rules for the Intros   Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:24 pm

Hello New Member! If you are reading this, then that means you're new. If you're already a member... then vamoosh!!

Anyways I wish to welcome you to the forum of LynkNow. I hope you guys/gals have fun signing up and reading the rules.. but if you didn't, I'd cover you in hot sauce and eat you!!

Now because Cursing isn't allowed since it's a rule (yes, you guys must've read the rules), I beg of you to imagine yourself, being dipped into hot, slithering, soy sauce and being smothered together with the soft feel of the hot, tender rice.... did you imagine it? ... good!

Now imagine me eating you... yeah, I chew like a monster.. good... now imagine me laughing like a maniac and while I'm laughing, vultures appears out of nowhere, then they swoop at me and i go "Ahh! Omg! My beautiful, cute eyes!!" and then the vultures slowly kills me as they peck my eyes and face to death... and yeah, now I'm dead...


*Post an Intro - Be clear and don't make a one word "hello"

*This is a place of first impression, so give us more than what we expect out of you members...

*Don't welcome someone if you haven't introduced yourself...(unless you're an admin/vice-admin/moderator)

*Be funny and have fun...

That's it...
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Simple Rules for the Intros
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