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 Still Updating Forums/Main Page!!!

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PostSubject: Still Updating Forums/Main Page!!!   Mon Apr 21, 2008 2:23 pm

Dear Visitors & Members,

I did promise that I would update the website more and add some new features and updates, but due to personal problems I could not be active and didn't had the chance to change "Lynknow".

Lynknow's traffic and activity has decreases dramatically, that's why its time to take action.

NEW LYNKNOW RE-LAUNCH 15-01-2008 (delayed)

In the upcoming 2 weeks I will work hard to make a new layout, fix the forums, re-build anime streaming section, re-build anime download section, add drama section, fix and add to learn japanese and much much more.

I will work togheter with other big anime websites to make AU active. At the moment I do not need any help, I will do everything by myself.

Spread the word! 15 August 2009 is the big day when Lynknow will be re-launched!!!

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Still Updating Forums/Main Page!!!
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