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 LynkNow presents: Naruto Shippuuden Special 68-69

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PostSubject: LynkNow presents: Naruto Shippuuden Special 68-69   Fri Aug 01, 2008 11:31 am

Hey guys, sorry for the delay.. internet problems here... Anyway, you can grab Naruto Episode 68-69 from our anime episodes section.
Everyone, looks like we're getting near the end of the fillers with this double episode. Naruto Shippuuden Special episode 68-69 is titled "Red Chakra, Destruction and Rage" was subbed and released by Dattebayo earlier tonight. You can download the torrent from their site or get the Direct Download right here from LynkNow.

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LynkNow presents: Naruto Shippuuden Special 68-69
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