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 Naruto shippuuden 66 online!!

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PostSubject: Naruto shippuuden 66 online!!   Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:43 am

I REPEAT, When LynkObi comes back from the University of Technology (which is like a week from now) He'll change the forum template to back how it was. Thank you for the concern! And I hope Lynk Doesn't get pissed at me

I don't know how I survived a week without Naruto, but its finally here. Its up for your viewing pleasure. So go grab it or I will send Chouji to your house to eat everything in your fridge. Now you can simply watch this episode at our Naruto Video section or if you want torrent please visit Dattebayo's Homepage.


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Naruto shippuuden 66 online!!
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